Tuesday, 27 January, 2015

Interster Yachting Sp. z o.o. is a producer and seller of motor boats, rowing boats,sailing boats and other products made of the polyester laminate, as selling stalls, strawberry stand, chairs, toilet sections, etc.



The boats have been being produced in our shipyard in Maldyty since 1976.
85% of the boat, strawberry stands and chairs production are exported mainly to Germany, Denmark, Austria, Czech Republic and Holland.


Fabryka-1The 38 years tradition of the boat production, a big experience and qualification of our workers cause, that our products are of high quality and the prices of the goods are competitive.


All our boats has safety certificate CE issued by Germanisher Lloyd or Polish Register of Shiping.


We are pleased to announce that this year we were able to obtain the registration certificate No. 25439 of the industrial design entitled Newsstand.
ScanŚwiadectwo rejestracji

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